Upcoming Events

Here at Music Studio Linwood, we have events throughout the year.The Fiddle Club prepares 3 programs per year in Spring, September and December. These events are a great opportunity for our students to perform live in front of an audience. Here are our most current upcoming events, along with some photos of previous events.

Holiday Program

Dear Parents and Students,

The Fiddle Club With Faculty Members will be performing a Holiday Program at the Linwood Library.

Sunday, December 16th 2:00PM

Linwood Library

301 Davis Ave. Linwood NJ

Fiddle Club Irish Program

March 9, 2019

Avalon, NJ

More details coming soon.


(Above Pictures) Fiddle Club Movie Themes


(Above Pictures) Shirley Mae Breakfast For Breast Cancer Survivors Tropicana May 12, 2018


(Above Pictures) Irish Program,  March 2018 – Ocean City Free Public Library, Ocean City, NJ


(Above Pictures) Irish Program,  March 2018 – Linwood Library, Linwood, NJ 


(Above Pictures) Seafaring Music Program,  September 2017 – Linwood Library, Linwood, NJ 

1 2 3

(Above Pictures) Spring Recitals 2017 – Central United Methodist Church, Linwood, NJ 

1-1 2-2

(Above Pictures) Shirley Mae Breast Cancer Survivor Breakfast – Tropicana Ball Room, Atlantic City – 05/13/2017 




Above Pictures) Irish Music Program at the Ventnor Library 03/18/2017 

1-2 2-2

(Above Pictures) Irish Music Program at the Linwood Library 03/11/2017 

Concert Ventnor City NJ 2 3 4(Above Pictures) Holiday Concert, Ventnor Library, Ventnor City, NJ 12/19/2016 


(Above Picture) 1st Rehearsal For Upcoming Holiday Concert On 12/17/2016 

Music Linwood

Atlantic County Music Event

(Above Pictures) St. Nicholas Greek Festival, Atlantic City 9/18/2016


Music School Ocean City

(Above Picture) Fiddle Club Festival 9/10/2016