News and Events

News and Events

Fiddle Club Presents: Holiday Concert 2020

Join us for a wonderful program of Christmas and Hanukkah favorites. Watch us through our livestream.

Go to Central United Methodist Church Facebook group or on their webpage:

Through the livestream we can all stay safe and still enjoy celebrating the holidays with Christmas and Hanukkah music!

Time: Sunday, December 13, 2020 1:00

Here at Music Studio Linwood, we have events throughout the year. The Fiddle Club prepares 3 programs per year in Spring, September and December. These events are a great opportunity for our students to perform live in front of an audience. 

Please enjoy some of our past performances, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can be the first to catch our newest videos!

Fiddle Club Holiday Program 2020

We performed our Holiday Program on December 13, 2021 featuring Christmas and Hanukkah favorites.  The program was live streamed at Central United Methodist Church.

Fiddle Club 2020

We have been able to safely practice and prepare our programs throughout this year.  In March, we performed our Irish Program in the Ocean City and Linwood Libraries.  During the months of April and May, we tried a virtual Fiddle Club which kept everyone connected.  During the summer, we started practicing in small groups in preparation for our September American Roots concert in the Linwood Library park on a beautiful Saturday morning.  In December, we will have our Holiday Concert in Central United Methodist Church with designated seating for social distancing.